Seregn Moyer         Jaipreet Kaur


Seregn Moyer / Jaipreet Kaur was born & raised on the coast of Northern California. From her earliest memories she has been aware of a direct connection with Spirit. Alongside her esoteric abilities her interest in metaphysics & divine wisdom grew while living in several countries. She found joy in the vast array of unique cultures, people and lifestyles. Yet what struck her as truly profound is how we are all one in sharing joy, pain, sadness, desire, compassion... in other words ~ the human condition. 

     When New York City became home Seregn's journey into Kundalini Yoga began. She found this practice resonated in her body, enhanced her Spirit Communications & enriched her soul.  She became certified by IKYTA in 2003 (Universal Force Healing Center NYC).  She shares "It is a true honor to pass on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan & the beautiful legacy he has bestowed upon us. I am eternally grateful".  

Returning home to Ca. Seregn has authored her first book; Kundalini Companion : Mandala Pendulum Charts and is working to complete her next book of Kundalini meditations.

     When not teaching and writing Seregn enjoys her work as an Animal Communicator, Esoteric Counselor, creating aromatherapy magic in the  apothecary & riding her Electra cruiser through the local vineyards.